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The Rosa Law Group's mission is to help companies break through employment law challenges and obstacles, by creating awareness and a mindset that results in a harassment and discrimination free environment.

Employee and Management Training and Seminars

In our English or Spanish workshops and seminars, The Rosa Law Group teaches business owners and corporate executives not just the law, but how the law works and how to avoid violations that could end up in court. With solid training of employees and a knowledge of issues such as discrimination, harassment, disability, wage and hour, and leave of absence, you can prevent disputes from arising and comply with ever-changing employment issues.

Compliance Assessment

The Rosa Law Group will assess your organization and evaluate your current liability under the law. We can examine your employment practices including:

  • human resource notices and postings,
  • policies, procedures and handbooks,
  • implementation of new legal requirements.

Counsel, Advice and Representation on Employment Law Issues

The Rosa Law Group offers advice on the real-world questions employers and executives face. Our knowledge of how the law works and our insight into how the agencies who enforce the law operate, allows us to provide our clients breakthrough resolutions to the most complex challenges. No matter what the issue is, whether it is discrimination, harassment, disability accommodation, hiring and firing, salary and wage requirements, or personnel policies and procedures, we can help. 

Resolution of Workplace Disputes

When you implement policies and procedures, the chances of workplace disputes decrease. Disputes involving hiring and firing, salary and wage requirements, disability accommodation, harassment or discrimination, can be avoided or resolved quickly if addressed early. Even issues that seem insoluble at first often can be solved through prompt mediation and/or counseling. The Rosa Law Group provides breakthrough resolution of disputes by applying alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and conciliation.  

Neutral Workplace Investigations

When a complaint has been received about workplace discrimination, a neutral investigation must be conducted at the workplace soon after the complaint is lodged. As a neutral investigator, The Rosa Law Group will look at the facts to try to determine what actually took place. Interviewing the parties involved as well as any witnesses is part of the process of determining what occurred.

Based on our experience and knowledge of DFEH policies and procedures, we can help you determine the credibility of the complaint and make recommendations for resolution as part of the report on the findings.

Expert Witness

Given the background and years of employment law practice, The Rosa Law Group is available as an expert witness in complaints and lawsuits.

The Rosa Law Group provides clients access to a breath and depth of expertise to meet their customized needs including services to Spanish-speaking clients.

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