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Andrea Rosa, Founder and Principal of The Rosa Law Group, serves her clients with a commitment to four Core Values; Quality, providing top-notched results customized to the client’s needs; Integrity, adhering to the highest levels of professionalism; Diversity, leveraging and responding to diversity in the workplace; and Prevention, stressing pro-active prevention efforts.

Founder and principal manager of The Rosa Law Group, Andrea Rosa is a bilingual attorney dedicated to providing breakthrough employment law solutions for today’s multicultural, multilingual, and diverse workplaces. 

Prior to establishing The Rosa Law Group, Ms. Rosa helped define legal issues of great importance to California employers. As the Deputy Director for Legislation and Policy Development of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH), the largest state civil rights agency in the country, Ms. Rosa planned, organized, and directed the Department’s legislative program and served as principal policy advisor to the Director. Ms. Rosa also directed the Department’s employment and housing mediation programs.        

As a gubernatorial appointee, Ms. Rosa gained unparalleled experience enforcing employment laws and educating employers and other interested parties across California on how to meet employment law requirements.

Before joining DFEH, Ms. Rosa was a senior policy consultant in the California State Senate to former Senator John Burton and California’s current Attorney General, then Senator, Bill Lockyer. 

Because of her experience in employment law enforcement and the legislature, Ms. Rosa understands the perspectives of both the employer trying to follow the law and the employee who has the right to discrimination and harassment-free workplace. 

Recognizing the impact legal requirements have on businesses and the cost to both employers and employees of non-compliance, Ms. Rosa established The Rosa Law Group with a focus on assisting the employer. Clients of The Rosa Law Group receive the benefit of Ms. Rosa’s expertise and practical insights that lead to the development of breakthrough resolutions of employment law conflicts. The firm’s clients represent a wide range of industries, including the restaurant, grocery, manufacturing and information technology, among others.  

The firm’s guiding principal is Ms. Rosa’s belief that in today’s multicultural, multilingual, and diverse workplaces, providing a discrimination and harassment free work environment is the best tool in preventing employment law-related complaints and/or lawsuits. The Rosa Law Group is committed to the prevention of employment lawsuits through diversity and anti-discrimination training of supervisors and employees; conducting workplace investigations and advising employers before and after an issue or crisis arises.  Furthermore, a vulnerability assessment may be conducted to identify policies, practices, and procedures that increase the company’s liability exposure. 

The Rosa Law Group conducts discrimination and harassment prevention training, including sexual harassment prevention training to comply with AB 1825, for public and private organizations. Most importantly, training is provided in Spanish for employers whose employee base is mostly Spanish speaking. 

Andrea Rosa has published in both English and Spanish in a variety of newspapers and magazines. 

The Rosa Law Group performs pro bono legal work in the community and contributes to local non-profit organizations.

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